Quality Policy

Our Final Product is our Healthier Patient

Guaranteeing Quality

Reliability and effectiveness across all our products segments is both the obligation and pre-requisites at Winlet Pharmaceuticals. This Organization has a strict quality system of drug testing on all the stages and steps to ensure the quality of our product. So we have the following separate departments working for quality production of drugs as follows:

1- Quality Control

2- Quality Assurance

Quality Control

Advanced and sophisticated analytical testing equipments provide a solid scientific guarantee for the best product quality. We have a group of experienced quality inspection personnel and quality supervision and management personnel who provide strong technical support for product quality.
Quality control instruments department is well-equipped with all the latest state-of-the-art hi-tech equipment such as H.P.L.C, F.T.I.R, Colony Counter, Refractometer, Distillation Apparatus, Disintegration unit, Melting Point Apparatus, Moisture Analyzer, pH Meter, Viscometer, Fiabilator, Hardness Tester, U.V.Visible Spectrophotometer, Karl Fisher, Digital Polarimeter, Vertex Meter, Stability Chambers.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance Department ensures consistent quality product by maintaining vigilance through Q.A checks at each stage. State of the art Quality assurance Department working the clock to ensure quality of product at each and every step. Winlet has all the best equipment and environment and competent, experienced and devoted team to meet the production needs to produce good quality products.